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I’ve gone through all the post and these are the people that have said they are coming on June 15th. Beside your name is a "yes" if you have said that you booked a hotel room in Jasper. The first number is if you said "yes" to the Restaurant and told me how many people from your car will be attending the Restaurant[B]. The second number is if your said "yes" to the Brunch on Sunday and the number of people you have told me.

Please check your information. If you are not on the list or I have missed your confirmation or I am missing your numbers, please let me know. I would like to be able to give accurate numbers to Edwards Garage and Tonquin Prime Rib Village and Nick's Bar.

I will also need someone to send out PM’s, as I do not want anyone to be disappointed. I will also be sending the Marmot Lodge, Edwards Garage and Davenport’s a link to this thread. Also if someone can get this out on FaceBook to the “F” Body clubs, that would be great!

Edmonton Hotel BBQ Brunch
mjrracing97 yes 2 2
SS Orange Crush SS yes 2 2
bumblebee rules yes 2
BLT4SPD2011 yes 4 4
68 RS yes 4 4
Cam Chick
Kurt Smylie yes
Roy/Evie yes 2
Kennedy SS yes 2 2
Camaroclan yes 2 0
Karen Vanderhoek yes 2 0
Synergy Green Machine yes 1 0
Fiery re-Creation yes 2 2
RayzR yes 3 3
DenaLeo yes 2 2
Bill George yes 2 2
DJ Atomix yes 3 0
SS_Falco Rocky Mountain House 2.5(love it, teach them early)
Cojam maybe Rocky Mountain House 1
Sutherland Rocky Mountain House 3
Jimmy Nannan Rocky Mountain House 2
Canadian SS Rocky Mountain House 2
Jim Hill Rocky Mountain House 1
John Neilson Rocky Mountain House 2
Denis Lavergne Rocky Mountain House 1
Jason R Rocky Mountain House Only 3
Slickymcgee Edmonton to Red Deer

Calgary Hotel BBQ Brunch
Meltdownaverted yes 2 0
JGS1 Rocky Mountain House 2
JGS2 Rocky Mountain House 2
Garoad Shenlong Rocky Mountain House 1
fshog Rocky Mountain House 1Sttt5126 Yes 2 0
Kray Rocky Mountain House 2
Kmaro11 yes 2 2
DBlock5 yes 2 2
Piper yes 2 2
eastwoodRocky Mountain House 2
cheaplabor Rocky Mountain House 2
NFRNOSS yes 2 2
wbdinger Rocky Mountain House 2
UA488fitter Rocky Mountain House 2
homiee- yes 4 4
CAMSHAFT yes 1 1
oldmanclements yes 2 0

Other Hotel BBQ Brunch
desiel yes 2 0
Fitter Mike Rocky Mountain House 2
Krazycamaro Rocky Mountain House 2
Alberta ZL1
high mark
ashengrey ZL1
Shelley/Yvonne yes 2 2
Hiway No 0 0, Rocky Mountain House 5
camman1970 (2 cars, 2 people) yes maybe 0

BC Hotel BBQ Brunch
1LeSS yes 2 2 - Edmonton Crew

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