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Very well written always. And seeing a car in person definitely gives someone a different perspective than pictures do.
The problem with pictures is no matter how good the camera is still taking a 3D object and trying to turn into a 2D representation. You just cannot capture all of the same viewpoints, angles, and light reflections on camera that the eye can see in person.

On a side note I also get a lot of entertainment watching many of the over reactions that are typed on these forums with out much thought as to why some of the decision were made. Being a mechanical engineer myself and having worked for a few different companies involved in different types of markets (some consumer products and others being commercial products) I completely understand the difficult decisions that need to be made when it comes to new product development. It is no easy task by any means. I commend and applaud the entire Camaro team for making the Camaro as successful as it has been so far and I think this refresh will continue the Camaro success.

Thanks for all of the hard work Camaro Team!!
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