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Thank you for the insightful remarks in the 1st post, some were witty and had me I love your sense of humor and wit, very refreshing. There is no doubt as to why you are "Fbodfather" A lot of responsibility to be the "custodian of the brand" and I can only imagine the pressure of that role and I don't think that there could be any other that could fit that role. I'm sure you've heard that many times (it's always good to hear though, right?)

It's always appreciative to get it from the horse's mouth(so to speak) about the history and lineage of the Camaro from someone who's lived it. As I read through your posts, it really puts things in perspective about the Z/ that I never understood until lately. It's what every boy that grew up watching racing and wanting to be a part of and having something that is or will make you feel like you're part of something special. What GM did back then (60's) with that car was something special and unique and those that knew or found out wanted to be a part of it, but it came at a price. It left others to dream and create their own versions, thus the plethora of clones and tribute cars.

And now it's starting over again, a chance for a new generation to experience the same. I can't wait to see how the new Z/28 will create and unfold a new legend. Bravo and kudos to the 12 disciples and the rest of the Camaro team for doing so.
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