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Originally Posted by FL2HOTT21 View Post
Those rims look perfect on the camaro! Nice selection.. I was reading on another forum, the guy with the red camaro from Alaska, seems he was having bad problems with his rims on the rear. Said something about the offset was wrong. Would greatly appreciate it if you could give me exact info on your rim " size / offset". i wouldn't want to experience what this poor guy went through. Thank you Sir..

Also I know you have them in size 22s, both front and rear, to me it seems to be a big size for a sports car.. They look to fit perfect: did you lower the vehicle or just put them on: im wondering how they perform, any issue's at high speed, rubbing while turning or going over bumps in the roads..

thanks again

ps. im buying the 1LE later this year and iv been looking at rims and these by far are the nicest iv seen..
I bought the wheels threw tony, aka nineball, he's a dealer on this site. I don't no what the back spacing on the wheels are. He took care of all that and the fit perfectly. No rubbing or anything.
The car is lowered on H&R springs for now, planning on getting coilovers in the future and drop it a little more.
My build the pic. COTW 10/24/11
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