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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
I just spent almost an hour reading this whole thread. What a build and from your garage mainly from what it looks.....makes it that more cool as can be. I'm amazed with the knowledge and expertise that it took to go into this build. Just curious, but how did you get into doing builds like this yourself?

I also have the GFORCE 9" and couldnt be happier!! You will tear everything up several times before you have any problems out of that rear-end.
Well it all started with my last car (2002 Z28) that became internet famous for how clean/fast it was. I have always been a fan of clean and simple setups and when I switched to a turbo setup I was afraid I would lose that look. I am lucky to have a friend thats very good at fabrication from his garage. He had the same tastes as I do. I put my input on how I want it and he makes it happen. From that point its all me and I put the rest of the puzzle pieces together to make a very fast car I can drive anywhere and take to car shows.
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