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Originally Posted by Richy_Rich View Post
Agreed, the Z28 was supposed to be between the 1LE and ZL1,

Now it's a trailer queen.
My sentiments as well. Make the Carbon Ceramic brakes an option like on the C6 Z06 to keep the price down and I'm sure Chevy would sell quite a few of them, even if we had to tick the box for A/C and put another 1 (or 3) speakers in it ourselves. I'd be all over it.

But if it comes in more expensive than the ZL1 and has brakes that are more expensive to replace than tires, the vast majority of people who will buy them are collectors who can afford to buy a car to simply add to their collection and rarely (if ever) drive it, or those truly "hard-core" track enthusiasts who probably trailer their cars to track events anyway.

.....and that's a damn shame
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