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Exclamation Anyone have their engine light come on and stay on...Advice please (Pic)

My check engine light came on this afternoon and Onstar did a dignostic on it and says something to do with my gas cap and it detecting vapor/fumes.... They said it appeared to be nothing major and they ask if I had just gotten gas recently, but I had not. Has anyone else had this happen. The only thing I did this afternoon when leaving my office is, I gunned it on a turn to get in front of in other words I turned very sharp while getting on it. This is when the check engine light came on. I am taking her in to the dealership to have them do a MDI diognostic check. Could this just be a sensor that needs to be reset? Perfomrance is fine and she is running great but the light is still on and Onstar says the gas cap needs to be checked. I am hoping it is just a very sensitive sensor . If I have explained this correctly, does anyone know what this could be or does it sound like a simple sensor reset?

Here is a pic of what I am referring to....

Thanks for the help and any advice as it would be greatly appreciate.

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