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It's a Synergy thing..
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Originally Posted by Jayhawk500 View Post
Just mapquested this, man you people live sooooooooo far away. 3+ hours for me to get there. But I'll be there for a burger and some fun and sun.
That'll be two trips up in as many months. I'm honored that you'll be joining us. I hope I can deliver on that sun. The fun; I'm pretty confident in that.

Originally Posted by hb35man View Post
Marked this on my calender as a "must attend".
I was wondering where you'd been hiding! Hadn't seen you around here in awhile. We've been waiting for a long time to finally meet you. Can't wait.
I actually thought about you the other day. I saw on the news that a house had burned down with fatalities on the Green Valley Rd out of Auburn. The video they were showing of the house gave me a chill when I noticed an ABM in the driveway. I knew you were in Algona, so I figured it wasn't you, but it reminded me that I hadn't seen a post from you in awhile. I still wonder about that ABM though; if it was somebody I have met. Tragic either way.
Glad to know that you're still kicking around and that we will get to see you this Summer!

Originally Posted by iceman5730 View Post
Maybe we will come if that's okay with you guys
Oh, you know that's okay Iceman! If all goes well, Mag and I will be seeing a lot of you this Summer.

And you're welcome to bring as many Canadians with you as you want.
Hey, was it you that brought us that Choko catalog? I'm sure there will be plenty of people who would be interested in that apparel. I don't think most down here are even aware it exists.

Okay, who else wants to come? We've got at least one from Oregon so far. I know there's more down there; I've met quite a few of you! C'mon up!

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It's a Camaro thing...
Not everybody who drives a Camaro "gets it"...But everybody that "gets it", drives a Camaro! -GG

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