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Great web page Forty5th, I enjoyed the vids!
It is interesting that the SS 1LE has better track times than the Boss302 despite a higher power to weight ratio.
The sound of 5.0 at 7500-rpm however does much to add to the fun factor of the Boss package.
Mkorgen, your strong feelings will be fact, even now prices for v-8 muscle cars are intentionally high in order to limit supply to allow more econo boxes to be sold to keep up corporate fuel average.
To me cars are tools to be used (to get from point A to point B) or to have fun in (muscle cars).
It would be my choice to take an extra 20% hit on resale for a high track mile car.
Besides fellow club racers would find it a great deal since very few will actually push the envelope on the likes of a ZL1 or Z28 (having dry sump and superior brakes makes all the difference in wear and tear)
Money, you can't take it with you, enjoy it and die broke.
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