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2010 Camaro Launch Control = Transmission Failure

Ah, such much fun driving my Camaro. Took my neighbor out tonight for a ride and decided to hit the mall parking lot for a quick burnout. Well, didn't get to do the burnout, instead I decided to try out the Launch Control... So I get it into Competitive mode, mash the accelerator to the floor. I check, and its holding about 4200 rpms like it shoud.... Every thing looks fine and dandy... Dump the clutch... BAMMMMMMM!

Now here I am with my neighbor friend, and the first thing he says... " oh shit!, you're done...".... As far as I can tell, the tremec didn't hold up to the dump of the clutch. I can't get the camaro to move in gear now at all.. Leaking trans fluid going everywhere on the ground.... called onstar.. Get everything set up to get it towed back to the dealer right now. I am sure the tremec's tail shaft snapped..

So much for launch control... Maybe if I had slippery tires, it wouldn't of been a problem.. Oh, and while waiting for the Tow truck guy, here comes this ricer into the parking lot doing donuts and just making me feel worse about the whole situation.. I still love the Camaro though.. Now I have to sit and wait while I figure out what the dealer is going to do about it.

Anybody else's M6 transmission broke yet from burnouts/ launch control?
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