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ok ive got a few days drive time in the car now, here is my thoughts! I LOVE IT!

I can not stress enough how important the rock deflectors are along with the clear bra on the quarter panels etc. Here in Missouri when it snows or sleets they put down salt, sinders, sand, etc and it makes a mess on the roads in the winter time. even now a week after the last snow if I am driving and get "out of the groove" to change lanes you can hear the car really takes a pounding from all the rocks. I allready have a few chips in the clear bra. its definately paid for itself already.

I also cant wait to replace the brake pads with some that produce less brake dust
after driving to work and back 24 miles in total I can ruin a brand new microfiber towel after wiping down the lower half of the car and all 4 wheels.
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