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Originally Posted by Gigachip View Post
New build on the horizon here (parts ordered, just gotta put together)
heres a teaser (Mini-ITX..I really want to build a tiny low cost gaming rig lol)
I will say theres a HD 7970 (taken out of trifire) and a 2600k in it (CPU before I upgraded to 3770k on last build)

well a budget will help in what type of parts we advise you to get.
if not heck, we can tell you to get 4 titans (~$4k) or 2 gtx 690s (~$2k)
and thats just in graphics cards

this, getting a semi modular or full modular is a great way to begin cable management

plus getting a case with space behind the motherboard also helps

Edit: I just realized I haven't uploaded the interior shot of my latest rig (i uploaded the desk shot lol)
Okay, but getting the best cards possible doesnt meen it will run BF4 the absolute best. I'm assuming there's a cut off point where a better card will yield the same results as a cheaper one. Lets go with $1500 though.
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