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Originally Posted by Chaotic73 View Post
Quick question, do I do step 1 & 2 then drive for 100-200 miles. Then do steps 3 & 4 and take the car for a drive then change oil right away?
No you can do steps 3 and 4 right away, BUT you can also wait until your ready to do the oil change before doing steps 3 and 4. The most important part of this whole precess is to change the oil regardless at no later than after driven 250 miles. I do it earlier than this like I posted, as the oil filter is useless after this.
Originally Posted by 45thCamaro View Post
What gets cleaned during this process, why is this done?
Yeah what C586 said. Damn Chris you should know better lol.

Also a good idea to purchase a catch can so it can prevent this after the cleaning if one isn't already installed. I spray my IM every oil change with just 3 small sprays.

But this is what your trying to clean up and prevent.
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