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OVER9000 quest for 10's! heads/cam/n20/restoration!!

Before/feb 1 2013

Background/history of car:

2010 2SS/RS 6l80 black on black.. on black camaro.

I was the recent proud owner of a 98 camaro SS A4 Hardtop. I had sold that car to a very good friend of mine to work on a new project I had in mind. It really saddens me that i had to sell that car, but i know its in GREAT hands.. and he has held up to his promise of taking care of her. Otherwise i would have never sold it, and gave it the life i never could.

I found this car at the dealership.. left for dead.. ready to be sent out to auciton.. it was throwing 100 codes, brakes were shot (but drivable) rear tires were bald, driver side fender damage, cracked windshield, clear coat paint swirls, 114,xxx miles, curb rash, exhaust rattle.. but all the amenities were intact and in perfect condition. All highway miles. Oil was clean, no misfires, leaks, trans shifted perfect, no signs of abuse, and to my surprise it was tastefully modded. I had it for a steal at 12,000$!!! It was so cheap, i was able to purchase the GAP protection, wheel/tire protection, road side assistance, and 5 years worth of oil changes from the dealer. (by doing so it brought down my payments, interest rate, and with the added peace of mind). She wasnt perfect, but with some TLC this is going to be a great car.

My plan is to have her completed and dialed in by tx2k14 with a goal of breaching into the 10's at the 1/4, but she will be set-up for 30-130 roll racing since it is big deal where I come from and the event I am hoping to attend.

My aspirations include full street trim, full weight daily driven, 30-130 roll monster. With semi-annual track dates. This car is built to be different, with very specific goals in mind.

The car will be have bolt on baseline dyno #'s and after baseline dyno numbers, along with before and after 1/4 et times.

Main mods:
Custom grind camshaft; **ACQUIRED**

Designed by the best in the business, Russ Barber form volatile performance in Corpus Christi. Volatile performance can be found on facebook for info on their recent builds. The actual cam specs will be hidden by request from Russ, but will designed around a 30-130, full weight, Ls3 converted, stalled 6l80 camaro with full bolt ons on a 150 shot of nitrous. The camshaft will be converted from single bolt l99, to 3 bolt ls3. I opted against a VVT cam for the sake of simplicity, and the nature of the build.

Heads; **TO DO**
Heads will be stock l99 heads, and will be ported by Russ Barber from Volatile Performance. The port work will include a 5 angle valve job, flow tested, and refined as necessary. This is a proprietary design by volatile performance that is different from all the rest, and again flow numbers will be hidden by request.

These will retain stock l99 valves, and the will install a set of of Brian Tooley platinum valve springs with steel retainers. I will be changing out the lifters with 16 Brian Tooley lifters and brand new trays along with chromoly pushrods. For peace of mind and cheap insurance I will be purchasing ARP head studs, They can be had for $265 at ballistic speed!
After careful research, I have opted from using the stock l99 high volume oil pump, in place with a melling m355.

Rickifast tune from Unlimited Performance in Corpus Christi is my tuner of choice; he will be using HPtuner software and is a BALLER tuner. In my eyes he is the best tuner hands down, he has done two of my cars and has been the tuner of choice for Fast Times Racing.

Transmission; Stock 6l80e
The stock 6l80e has held up too 650+'ish HP with spot on tuning.
I have full faith in my tuner at Unlimited Performance in Corpus Christi texas and at 114,000 miles, in sport mode, this car FLIES!! I made 3 trips of over 280 miles to my hometown with zero drivability issues.

Stall Converter
**TO DO**
I chose FTI as my converter of choice. Me, Russ at Volatile performance, and gregg at FTI have decided to build the Stall Converter around the camshaft. After the dyno tuning, the dyno sheet will be sent to FTI to be built around the torque curves, and vehicle application. When talking to FTI, I requested this be built spot on the first time. The converter will have a custom STR ratio, custom fully built internals, and will be a hard hit nitrous stall.
This converter should have the billet front cover, 3 high energy carbon linings, triple clutch design, billet cnc lock up piston, anti balooning impeller hub, billet cnc sprague, furnaced brazed and heli welded fins. I figure the stall speed should be around 3800.

Nitrous **IN PROGRESS**
Brand X from nitrous outlet was my solenoids of choice. Right now it is just a brand x nozzle kit with a WOT switch. The brand x solenoids can spray up to a 200 shot and is perfect for my setup. This kit will incorporate a Bottle warmer, 150 shot wet shot pills, AEM wideband, 10 lb bottle, and Nitrous outlet BIG show line purge. Eventually will upgrade to a stand alone fuel cell and max it out at a 200 shot. The motor will be safe on a 200 shot with a spot on tune, but I want that piece of mind if I ever decide to spray that much. The cam is also designed around the usage of a 150 shot. I also picked up a set of NGK br7ef plugs, which are 2 steps colder and are perfect for my setup. Once nitrogen becomes more readily available, I WILL be using a NANO setup. Will also upgrade to a 90mm nitrous outlet plate


Peddlers Complete Bushing Set ** IN PROGRESS**
UMI trailing arms **IN PROGRESS**
BMR Adjustable Toe'S **IN PROGRESS**

BMR lower control arms **TO DO**
SUMMIT RACING 1"-1.25" drop **TO DO**
BMR xtreme anti-roll Bar**TO DO**

Bolt ons/performance;
-Ported 90mm throttle body
-Ported ls3 intake

-Rickifast tune **done**
-1 7/8 TSP long tubes **done**
-TSP cold air intake,**done**
-Magnaflow resonated x pipe **done**
-muffler delete **done**
-TSP 160 degree thermostat **done**
-br7ef NGK plugs


-Summit Racing Trans cooler **need to order**
-under drive pulley w/ arp crank bolt **need to order**
-upgrade to 2" headers from TSP
-upgrade to 3" mid pipes with offroad x pipe
-upgrade to kooks 3" bullets
-Nitrous Express stand alone fuel cell
-Vengeance racing wires
-Volatile Ported heads and valve job
-FTI custom nitrous hard hit stall
-List to be updated

-Murdered out theme with a 'hint of red'-


drilled slotted rotors**in progress**


g2 caliper paint**done**
Repair fender bender bumper**done**
Repair Driver side fender **done**
Satin Black tail light bezels with three coats of clear**done**
35% tint from big worm graphics **done**
Replace windshield**done**
satin black center caps**done**
Fast times racing Logo**done**

santin black camaro letters

Cam swap parts

Timing cover gasket
Ls2 chain dampener
3 bolt sprocket conversion
Ls3 valley cover
ls3 valley cover o-rings
Russell Barber volatile performance ported L99 oil pump
ARP crank bolt


Brian Tooley Springs
Brian Tooley Pushrods
16 Brian Tooley Lifters
Comp Trunion upgrade
Ls2 Lifter trays
Ls9 Head gaskets
ls3 front timing cover with sensor
Ls2 Timing chain
ARP cam bolts
ARP Thermostat waterpump bolt kit
ARP timing cover bolt set
AC belt and Sepertine belt for UDP
ARP head studs
ls3 valley cover gasket
lsx waterpump gasket
Summit Racing trans cooler

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