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Questions I have:

Will the Z/28 incorporate the ZL1 "no lift shift" algorithms used in the ZL1 drag setup?

Will the Z/28 have 5 PTM Modes like the ZL1? Remember Mode 5 was for "prepped drag strip tracks"....

We have seen something saying the axles are not as strong as the ZL1's and not intended for drag racing. Is this from a legit source? As we remember, GM touted in a video that they launched the ZL1 with a clutch dump 1,000 times in a row with no breakage.

Does the Z/28 have the same rear axle housing as the ZL1 (which is 200 pounds heavier than an SS diff)?

I have no doubts the LS7 is very capable of 1/4 mile runs equal to a ZL1. It sounds like it is being denied that glory from a corporate positioning.

That brings me to another question, what might be the differences in the clutch itself from a ZL1?

We shall learn as we go. It does look to me that both are capable of sub 12 times with small tweaks but it also appears the availability of a LS7 Z/28 will be limited to a pretty short time span before the next Gens are exposed.

And with the next Gens being somewhere at a guess of about 3300-3400 lbs (not much more than current Vette weight), the next Gen 6 will undoubtedly be formidable and possibly outlandish never heard of factory missiles. I believe GM is using the next two years (and have been using the last two years) to develop a MONSTER Gen 6 that will make current ZL1 and Gen 5 Z/28 owners think about trading in! Hell, the molds are probably being made already! While all of us have our attention on the "refresh".... LOL
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