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Originally Posted by ChadG View Post
Good write-up, but I thought you were supposed to pass it through the throttle body with the engine on and idling at ~1500 RPM?
It's not necessary to have the engine idling to do this some just do as this is the only way that they know how to. It can also be done with the engine on. I've done it both ways. You actually get better distribution with the engine off as the as pressure won't just suck it up through the first 2 or 4 inlets.

"C586" is right on also. You can even spray it in through the PCV elbow if you like also. The orignal Seafoam guidelines have been around for awhile. And don't think they have been revised to reflect these new engines as their are so many now. Basically if you can find the booster hose or any vacuum inlet your golden.
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