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I do not understand all the Z/28 haters. The Z/28 is going to be an exclusive, expensive car. There will be two types of buyers, track lovers with big bucks who will drive the hell out of it and collectors. It is the only collectable 5th gen Camaro so far. So if you buy one, you might not make money for a long time, but the value will hold. I do not think anyone who can afford to buy one will be sorry they did.

The Z/28 does disappoint many who were waiting for this car. But the good news is all the work that went into the HP Camaros has produced the 1LE. And if you can afford a Camaro, you can afford a 1LE. For about $3k you can bump the HP of a 1LE pretty close to an LS7 and keep your warranty intact. With some key suspension mods you can raise the handling bar even further. Running the 1LE on a real track more than occasionally requires big bucks, but Autocross is a cheap playground.

Then when you sell the car you can put all the stock parts back and sell the aftermarket parts. A sensible, low cost, fun plan.

You can also build a Camaro with silly HP and suspension mods, but unless you are a pro level driver to handle all that HP, you would be looking at disappearing Z/28 taillights being driven by an average track experienced driver.

But how often does anyone race their expensive Camaro all-out on a track against one another? So all balls-out comparisons are only Internet racing. 7/10s effort Track days are all about the driver and not so much the car.

I am a big fan of the Z/28. But I do not want one unless I could afford it as a second car. But even if I could, I would not want to pay big ADM that for sure will be attached to Z/28s.
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