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DIY : M6 shift knob removal on a 2013

I recently put my MGW shifter into my 2013 2SS M6. I originally installed it my 2010. Back then, the instructions were to simply pull up hard on the knob and wiggle it until it popped off. Once the knob was loose, you simply pushed down on the plastic trim ring for the top of the shifter boot and it seperated from the bottom of the knob.

When I started trying to yank the knob off of my 2013 it wouldn't budge. Recognizing there must have been a change, I put out a thread asking for help. Forum member Minge came to my aid and told me there was a screw below the trim piece. He told me you had to wiggle and turn the plastic collar and push it down to access the screw. Knowing this, I went back and mis-interpretted his instructions and promptly broke two little tabs off of my collar for the boot.

No worries for me as my install doesn't re-use the collar, but I thought I'd put this thread up for those that need to or those that simply don't want to ruin anything.The trick to the collar is to lift a little, turn it counter-clockwise a bunch (like a quarter of a turn!) while pulling it down, away from the shifter knob. Wiggling and pulling no longer does it.

Good luck!
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