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Originally Posted by Stephen12ZL1 View Post
I have seen bone stock Z06s run 10.70-10.80@128 at MIR in really good air...amazing because just 505hp vs LS9 powered ZR1 cars run 10.60@132 stock with drag radials. The LS7 is amazing and the gearing in the transmission of the ZR1 hurts the 1/4 mile performance. Lets say the Z28 is 800lbs heavier than the Z06 so we can add .8/8mph approximately to the best Z06 stock runs with perfect traction in great air. That extrapolates to 11.50-11.60@120 with very crude fudge factors assuming similar gearing to the Z06.
How many stock Z06s run 10.70-10.80s....not alot. On average they are 11.70-11.80 cars with a tire and an good driver. Regardless...I'm not sure why guys say the Z28 is down 75-80 hp, and why GM only rates it at 500hp. Wouldn't ya think with a factory CAI and CNC'd heads it would be closer to 530-540hp?
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