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Great blue

Originally Posted by brt3 View Post
You are correct on this. Big block, large displacement, naturally aspirated engines are dinosaurs. Sad, but true. The impending regulations, which will only get worse, mean that manufacturers will only be able to sell small numbers of increasingly specialized (read: expensive) versions of these cars down the road. I'm not happy with that, but those are the facts...

One reason I'm doing more track driving -- and wanting a Z/28 to greatly increase my track time even further -- is because I recently lost a friend to pancreatic cancer. Sorry, I'm not mentioning that to sound morose, but we don't have long on this Great Blue Marble. Best to enjoy it to the max, and I no longer have any use for a Garage Queen. If I wear my Z/28 out and its resale value decreases, have I lost money? Hell, no! How do you put a value on the joy you get from using a car like this at it's limit, on the track?!?
Not to mention recent disasters that's been occurring lately, several friends including my father lost garage queens . All the years of pampering and 1 terrible day u lose it all . Live today cause tomorrow ain't promised
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