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Originally Posted by Camaro_Corvette View Post
GM usually gives a lower number than they expect.
Originally Posted by KKreme15 View Post
They said 550 estimate when the zl1 was unveiled. Ended up being 580
Originally Posted by Kluch View Post
They are saying at LEAST 500 HP. They said at LEAST 550 HP for ZL1

Originally Posted by Gary B View Post
"At least 500" keeps the door open to what the blue oval boys may do.
I don't think Ford has anything to fight back against this one...

IMO...on paper, the hp is meaningless, because there's always the ZL1 with more at 580...the hp junkies will gravitate towards that car.

The Z/28, on the other hand...isn't meant for high volume sales, and chances are only those who really understand it's purpose and value will buy it. These people care about lateral G's...brake equipment, and lap times...they know horsepower is just a part of the overall formula.

Chances are...imho...the addition of the CAI, and 3" exhaust all the way back will result in a 510-520 hp car...I think. But No. 3 could be completely right in saying it might not be recertified...
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