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Originally Posted by Chris1LE View Post
Mine hasn't been delivered yet but my OnStar is active - so I can use the RemoteLink app to see the mileage and fuel level - mine shows 13 miles

Output from RemoteLink:-
Trip A - 11 miles - 25 mpg
Lifetime - 13 miles - 8 mpg

Looks like for 2 miles they were trashing it!!

You can't go by that. It could have been sitting at idle for a while will the car was being inspected and then driven 2 miles as part of the inspection.

The other 11 most likely is the transit to and from the shop to have the wrap installed.

Though I find it odd that the OnStar is already activated????

first 2 miles = at factory for inspection. After inspection I'm guessing that the trip was reset to monitor the driver transporting it to/from the shop to make sure they didn't deviate.
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