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The past week has made me realize how society has ruined the automobile. Few consider the parts that actually make the car perform as features. Fully loaded means navigation, heated and cooled seats, quadruple climate control, 24 way power memory seats, and now a vacuumÖ. basically bloated mobile homes on wheels. Every year the manufacturers must come out with more options to make people feel like they are getting a good perceived value and one step ahead of the Joneses.

Understandably people have a hard time hearing ďthe most expensive Camaro has no A/C no speakers no carpetĒ. These arenít the things people have been lead to believe are important. Just like the most expensive Camaro isnít the one with the most horsepower or the one that is fastest in the quarter mile. So nobody understands why it is so expensive because if it isnít horsepower or a seat massager what is it?

Maybe the Z/28 and other cars like it will start shifting the expectations and open up a new world for those willing to listen. This is a purpose built car. It is not meant for the masses. I am in a way shocked GM is building it but also very impressed at the same time.

For those crying for these creature comfort options, put the shoe on the other foot for a minute and realize why some donít want to lug those around the track lap after lap. Now maybe you will understand? Weight kills performance. Some people donít care about a radio when they are driving a car like this, they are purists in that regard.
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