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Originally Posted by swizlstik View Post
What happens with the 50 verts when the race is over?
They get distributed to dealers all over the place (not sure what the criteria is), they don't all stay in Indy but several usually do. Being a vert with the Hot Wheels package and Nav, these sticker around 51k. Being Festival Cars (not Pace Car replicas) GM does not add anything for that. But I am certain many dealers that get them will initially add a "market adjustment" like $5k. The better deal will be had by those that can find one sitting unsold well after the race (if possible). Keep in mind these will have varying amounts of wear and tear and mileage on them from time they are driven around here.

For anyone wondering, these are ALL L99 automatics. One thing I was surprised in was that the "matching" engine cover is a metallic black, and not blue... The metallic black is on the stripes and carried into the interior on the door panels and dash trim.

Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
Very nice pics, thanks for sharing. How do you get the luck of helping with an event like this? Looks like a lot of fun!
I call it being in the "Pace Car Circle Of Trust" and knowing the right people
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