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Originally Posted by The IOM Ninja View Post
It's a complete copout. You cannot tell me that they couldn't make the ZL1 aerodynamics work with a new front fascia. Yes it would require a different look but to deny that it's lazy is if ignorant. It is lazy, they looked at the ZL1 and said "hmm we don't want to redo the design it testing for aerodynamics with the front fascia... Let it look like the old model no big deal."

The stupid part is they are putting the ugly part (IMHO) of the refresh on the ZL1. It doesn't matter anyways since I won't trade either of my cars for anything past a 13'...

If Ford kept the 2009 front end on only the GT500 and updated the backend they would get crucified...
I just don't agree. And I'm sorry you feel that way...especially since you appear to be making assumptions without having any first-hand knowledge of meetings held or discussions with the designers/engineers.
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