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Agree to disagree. I don't think it'll look ridiculous...haven't heard anyone complaining about the ZL1's nose. If anything, it might look more purposeful and more distinct.

Personally, I was actually pretty interested to know why the Z/28s front end wasn't changed a little more from the normal piece.

One thing is true, as was mentioned in here...They learned/discovered that when the lower opening is bigger than the upper opening, the car takes on a more lean, sporty look. They learned this from the ZL1...the lower grille for which was designed to function...and function demanded BIG. So in effect, the ZL1's front end could be considered "in between" the original design and the refresh.

EDIT: cooling "problems" for ZL1 in OE form. Higher cooling needs, sure, due to the blower and higher overall power...but most of the cooling air for the heat exchanger comes from the lower air dam, anyways.
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