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Originally Posted by Algeron View Post
Once I get all the documentation from this event, I will be contacting GM about the top. I did get an extended warranty on the car (no plans on modding or tuning it out of warranty) due to it being a vert, but I was told the warranty only covers the mechanics and that the canvas would no longer be covered after the 36k mark.
My dealer told me the top gets a new warranty once it's replaced. I've got almost 2 years left on my original whole car warranty, but have had the top replaced once, so that has its own. I told them it would need to be replaced again if they just did the canvas and not the whole mechanism. The manager sighed and said "I know." They told me each new top would get a new warranty until GM decided to get its head out of its ass and fix it for real. I figure they can replace the top once a year and I'll have a lifetime warranty on that bad boy. LOL
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