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Originally Posted by kevin1106 View Post
IMO, you guys have a pretty bad rep here... My experiences included....
I definitely appreciate your situation after reading the thread you provided. But please note that the new owners of USW Forged were not involved in any way, shape or form with what happened. One of the current USW Forged owners went through what you described in your thread and that is when he found out they were closing the company just as stated in your thread and that Bismark had been released. We offered to purchase the company and did. I do ask you to consider that your statement affects the new owners negatively in our ability to do business as we are not the same owners that caused your issue. We are the same in name only but are different owners that build show and performance cars. Thank you for being forthright with me as we need to make sure we do not repeat this issue. I am glad thought to hear that you not only got your wheels back but also your money.

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