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I have had an impossible time contacting them, I ordered the door and dash inserts, I've been trying to contact them, not to cancel but to simply change the order from regular to ABL if possible.

I've, PM'ed them on here, sent emails through the website and called them and left VM's numerous times on multiple days. They have my email, my phone number, my PM info on here, every way to contact me.

I even started posting on the sales threads asking them to contact me out of desperation, nothing. I know they have been on because they have posted in some of their other threads since then.

I can see getting busy, but this is my first purchase from them, and in my mind a fairly big one, about $380 or so. And I cant get any communication about it and I'm not even wanting to cancel or anything so there's no reason to hide from me. I don't understand it.

I've been looking at a couple other things they make but I can tell you if I have to do a Paypal dispute next week, the cutoff I've decided on for them to contact me, I wont be buying anything else from them you can bet.

To bad, they seem to make good products and the things I was looking at I really wanted.
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