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I've had some time to ruminate on the changes and updates. I dont mind them at all. The front looks better, the rear is a wash. I would like to know if there are as many updates from 13 to 14 as there were from 12 to 13. I had an 11 SS and traded it for a 13 SS. The difference in driveability was night and day. The tweaks to the susp worked wonders. I was initially worried about the elec PS but it has been a non factor on the road and track. I put it on a road course within the first 6 months and few thousand <5k miles. Oh, and understeer at 135mph sucks, but I knew it would do that going in and I understand why its there. I just needed to let you know that some of us do explore the stock limits

And, since we're in constructive civil mode I have one very minor design change I'd like to see. The radio controls on the steering wheel. The little wheel that is on the left side with the raised bar across it. It should be used on the right side for scrolling through the radio stations. Its 'frustrating' when you try to roll the button up or down only to have it slip or when you apply enough pressure to get it to scroll up or down, it pushes in and changes the source. I spent hours driving from East TN to Biloxi, MS playing with the radio and this was my biggest complaint which should speak to my happiness with the product if thats all I can find to complain about. Oh, I'm serious about this too, check it out the next time you're behind the wheel. Look at how easy it is to roll the cruise control speed vs the radio stations. Just add the raised bar thing to the other side.
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