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Originally Posted by KKreme15 View Post
Look at what Randy Pobst did around Mazda with the Z07. No way a z/28 will be faster.
Z06 Z07: 1:34.5

ZL1: 1:39.2

- 2.5 seconds (Mazda is shorter than MRC)

= ~1:36.7 Z/28 time.

I don't disagree with you regarding the Z06 Z07 Corvette, specifically...But it's certainly faster than a standard Z06. Plus, there's a lot we still don't know about the car. That "three seconds faster" estimate was an initial number. It could be could be four!

I remember having similar conversations when they first released the ZL1's Nurburgring time...nobody thought the "fat" car with a supercharger would be any good around a track.....surprise!!!

And here were are doing the same thing all over again. My point is not that it WILL beat a Z06 fact, I never mentioned the Z07 package, as the Z06 is 70-some thousand dollars by itself. My purpose was strictly to open some people's minds to realize that, yes, this car can and will perform like they say it will.
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