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Originally Posted by Evil-Bee-NH View Post
Ordered the Brake Cylinder cover they also lie on their process information. Same old story took forever to get to me i've had alright luck with quality til this point. They literally wrapped this piece of plastic with some sort of vinyl and then spray painted over it. Don't get this confused with just paint splitting this happened less then a year after i bought the product and was literally able to remove the colored portion from the plastic they use. I can't imagine this isn't some guy running a business out of the back of his garage with buddies.
No garage, here is info on us.

Who are you guys anyway?

RPI Designs, LLC was founded in March of 1998 with the idea of bringing innovative Corvette Parts and Accessories to the Corvette family. There were already a bunch of companies offering Corvette parts, but we wanted to be different and offer products that were not previously offered. You can now find many of our products at retail Corvette shops around the country and around the world.

Our start was very humble, we originally ran operations out of our garage but continued to grow and needed more room. We are currently comprised of 13 team members who work full time to innovate and produce Corvette and Camaro parts.

We currently run operations out of our 8000+ square foot shop. In 2011 we decided it was time to fully invest in the American muscle car aftermarket, so we invested over $510,000.00 in our new shop and in new product development. With our new shop came new product lines and new ideas. You can now enjoy many parts and accessories for Corvette, Camaro, Challenger and Mustang.

Below are pictures of OUR ACTUAL SHOP. Not some pictures pulled from the internet, as some fly by night operations show on their websites. Please enjoy these pictures as you take a "virtual tour" of our location.

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