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EVENT: CAMARO5 EP/LC Gathering, Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Caffeine & Octane/Farley's Pub and Grill
El Paso, TX to Las Cruces, NM
Saturday, April 13th, 2013
9AM- 5PM

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whenever time it is that you are checking out the most awesome Camaro thread in the El Paso/Las Cruces area, . Hope that everyone's month has been turning out well so far.

Next Saturday, April 13th, we have a big day planned for everyone and anyone who wishes to join. As many of you may remember, a few of us attended the El Paso Caffeine & Octane gathering off of Sundland Drive and Mesa from 9AM-11AM. This event is a cars and coffee sort of deal where all auto makes and models come out and talk shop such as Shelby Mustangs, 442s, Corvettes, and Lamborghinis, while grabbing coffee during the morning. It is such a great site to see and had such a grand time the entire morning, aside from the cold wind, that we are going to be attending this event again. Of course though, we are also going to be having our monthly Camaro Gathering at Farley's in Las Cruces that afternoon, because why would we wanna ruin a good thing, right? So, with that, once we are done with Caffeine & Octane at 11AM we will take photo ops at a location between El Paso and Las Cruces, which should take no more than an hour and cruise to the LC taking Hwy 28 and have lunch at Farley's on the patio at 2PM. Parking will be saved like usual, but we must make it very apparent to everyone that is going to be joining to let us know if you are joining for lunch to save parking. Last time we had a few spaces that were empty and we do not wish to take lots that Farley's can use for other customers. Once we are done with lunch we will cruise to Caliche's on Valley Dr. in LC for desert. The day should end around 5/6PM. So who is in?

Itinerary: (NOTE: Times subject to change)
08:00am - Meet at Pic Quick off of University Ave. & I-25 (This is for the folks meeting up in Las Cruces)
08:30am - Leave for El Paso
09:30am - Arrive at Caffeine & Octane at Starbucks on corner of Sunland Park and Mesa St.
11:00am - Leave for photo op
02:00pm - Arrive at Farley's Pub & Grill on Foothils Dr.
04:00pm - Leave for Caliche's on Valley Dr.

Members Joining:
char1ieone - 2010 2SS (Las Cruces)
LIL_ONE - 2010 1SS (Las Cruces)
2013_1LE - 2013 1LE (El Paso)
Sabot - 2013 ZL1 (White Sands)
Aguilar - 2002 Z06 (El Paso)
Steven - 2013 2LT (Las Cruces)
Boricua - 2010 2SS (El Paso)
danvillekidd - 2010 2SS (Alamogordo)
Kyle - 1998 SS (Las Cruces)
Zero2Sixty - 2011 2LS (Las Cruces)

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