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Originally Posted by Nathan Moreno View Post
Hey Doc, Have you sourced a supplier for the aluminum bolts and what bolts did you have in mind that we can replace?
I went back to my bookmarks list and was surprised to find one of them appears to be no longer in business, the second one is no longer selling retail. Here's a few links that are still working:

These guys sell specifically for Harley Davidsons but might be a source for the bolts and fasteners that would be the same as our cars use.

This place looks good and not too far for you to drive to if you wanted to check them out in person:

These guys are also "local" to you. I remember going to them in the late 70's for braided stainless lines, couplers, etc.

This place is also a performance bike shop but sells titanium and aluminum fasteners, etc.

I had planned at some time in the future to go through the front of the car and see what steel bolts/washers/nuts could be replaced with performance aluminum. Specifically anything that wasn't handling stress; just holding something together, holding an assembly to something else, fender bolts, etc. Since you're already removing everything in the front it looks like, you'd be in a great position to know which pieces could be replaced.

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