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Originally Posted by Synner View Post
Um no, not even close. Every day the number people pull out of their butt adds another $1k over the day before. Rotors can be had for close to 900, calipers 450. People are just incapable of using google and a parts fiche. Maybe if you want to pay MSRP and throw in a few thousand you can hit those numbers.
So you think the Z/28 is going to have basically the same braking system the other Camaros do except for a swap to carbon rotors and ordinary 6 piston calipers? I respectfully disagree.

I think this is an entirely custom system designed for and produced for the Z/28 specifically. I know when I'd looked at upgrading to a 6 piston Brembo system on my 2010 SS it was over $7k and that was not carbon. Even with the cost reductions of economy of scale I'm still thinking this system will be close to a $10k upgrade over the stock SS brakes. It's going to be more than just rotors and calipers.

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