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Originally Posted by Jeff_SS View Post
Yeah I have 30% on the sides of my truck, 20% on the rear (single cab).
In California 70% is the legal limit...
But I feel like if I had 20% on the sides of my Camaro, I would just be asking for trouble. My car already stands out for cops in my area, it would be a ticket waiting to happen. So I feel like if I had 35% it wouldn't piss cops off so much.
I am in no way denying the fact that 20% looks amazing on your ride, and if it wasn't for the legality reasons, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Here in NJ youre not allowed to have any tint on the front driver or passenger sides at all. Only allowed to have the rear passenger windows and trunk tinted. I see way to many people here in NJ though with tinted windows ALL around, even 5% which would be asking for a ticket lol. The cops around here though I think have given up on that though because they dont seem to care. I actually pulled up next to one today and thought "shit" lol. Luckily he just drove off and went on his way.

I hear you though, dont push your luck if you think it'll get you into some trouble. 35% i think will still look good though because you have a dark car.
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