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A few pics of the new Z/28

I decided to take a day off from work to go down to the NY auto show and to experience first hand and witness the Camaro engineering marvel known to us as the Z/28. I was not disappointed. The first thing you notice on the car is that matte/satin pearl white paint. It certainly makes a statement when it's contrasted with black, too bad it won't be offered as an available paint option for the car and the rest of the lineup.

The next thing I looked for were the refresh changes and from my perspective, everything seems to flow with the design from front to back. The changes in the front with the lower grill gives it more air to breathe and a more aggressive look reminiscent of the ZL1. I'm glad that they didn't include the chrome piece on the upper grill, was and is not a fan of it. I like the CF hood extractor for it's functionality, but I'm sure that it could have been made a little larger for proportionality sake.

Moving into the interior, RECARO SEATS .... 'nuf said.

Now with the back end. I really like the non-rs taillights, it just seems to fit the car, especially seeing it from a number of angles. My only gripe would be the rear side marker. When the 3rd & 4th gens had the wraparound taillights, there were no rear side marker and when you compare those with this gen, it makes it a little too busy.

But all of the exterior and interior stuff, IMO, takes a back seat (figuratively speaking) to what this car can do. OMG!!!, a 427 LS7 motor?! CC brakes?!, DSSV dampers?! and countless suspension enhancements?! Trofeo tires?! Beating the ZL1 by 3 seconds on the Milford Proving Grounds?!.... it only means one thing.... ...It's what anybody who knows anything about cars what their reaction to the car will do....unless you make boatloads of money and have a Veyron or Aventador or the like. (not comparing it to the supercars, just saying)

Knowing that this car is bred for the racetrack (and for any auto enthusiast's car collection) it is not a car for me at this time. I will be extremely happy when I finally receive my 2SS/1LE this summer. It will serve all of the functions I expect from my Camaro. .....But it doesn't hurt to dream.

Hope you all enjoy the pics, they were taken with my new Nikon D3100 with the 55-200mm lens. Love the camera so far, takes fantastic pics (shameless plug)
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