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Smile My 2011 Camaro 2SS/RS

***Under construction

So I finally have the time to share the story of my car and start my own build thread. I'll start out with the story of what I went through to purchase my baby and then as I have time I will post out what mods I have done so far. It isn't going to be a very big build for now, but as of right now I intend to own this car for the rest of my life, so I'll get to the bigger stuff eventually

Ok, it all started back in fall of 2010. I was attending a technical college taking classes for engineering. I was 18 years old. My dad works as a supervisor at a foundry and brought me home an application one day. At first I really did not want to take the job but then I thought about it. It has full benefits, plus after I worked there for a year I could take classes again and the foundry would pay for them as long as I worked there for 3 years after I got a degree. Then I got to thinking of what I could buy. I got a poster of the concept camaro in the mail back in 2007 or 2008(I don't remember exactly when) and I had it hanging on my wall. Then it hit me, I could buy a Camaro! I didn't know if i would be making enough to buy an SS or not at the time. So I got the job.

The next 6 months were spent on the Chevy website building my Camaro over and over and over. And after working at the foundry awhile, I figured that I could indeed get a fully loaded SS! So I saved up for a down payment and when my 6 month mark rolled around and I had worked long enough to get a loan, I went in to Kocourek Chevrolet in Wausau with my mom and dad to see about purchasing my Camaro. This was on May 7th, 2011(Saturday).

I went in with the intention of ordering one straight from the assembly plant. I sat down with a salesman and he asked me how old I was and told me that they hadn't sold any of these cars to anyone under the age of 50(I was 19 at the time). He asked me what color and what options I wanted on the car. I told him that I wanted Imperial Blue Metallic and all the other things I wanted and he entered it into his computer and searched to see if any cars from nearby dealerships matched what I wanted. There where none. So I told him that I was interested in ordering one. He told me no one does that anymore these days because they have this new system where they can trade cars with other dealerships to get one that matches my options. So he then asks me what my second and third choices were for colors. Now, the price of these cars range from $35,000 to $45,000 and the one that I wanted with my options came out to around $41,000. If I am going to spend that much money on a car, I want it to be exactly the way I want it. No different color and no missing options. So I told him my second options would be Synergy Green and Inferno Orange Metallic. He still could not find a car that matched my options. So I asked him the price of what my options would be and he told me he would give me a call the next week and that he would keep searching for a car. This kinda seemed fishy to me because I pretty much knew what it was going to cost.

So Monday rolls around and he calls. He told told me he found a car for me. He proceeded to name off a car and its options. It was missing half the stuff I wanted. I said no and asked the price once again. He kept pushing me about buying one off the lot and told me he would give me a call the next day. Meanwhile my dad went to Nueville Motors in Waupaca after he was done with work and walked out with a price on the car within an hour.

So he calls me on Tuesday. He told me that he found a car for me, and names off two cars, one that was the same from Tuesday, and one that wasn't even in the color I wanted! I told him no thanks and that I really would prefer to order one. He then says ok, so what color would you like? I told him that I wanted Imperial Blue Metallic, and I know for a fact that he already knew this. He then says I'm sorry, but GM stopped taking orders for that color yesterday. And the way he said it it sounded like he was already going to say that before I even told him what color I wanted. He told me he would keep looking for a car

After I hung up, I called Nueville's(I was dealing with the owner Jeff Nueville himself) and asked if this was was true and they told me they would look into into it. They call me back later that day and sure enough, it is true. The Fukushima earthquake in Japan took out a factory that produced a pigment for IBM, RJT, and Synergy Green. So I suspect after all that pushing I got at Kocourek's that the salesman intentionally waited me out so I would be forced to buy one off the lot. So Nueville's tells me that they will go out 500 miles and try to find me a car that matches my options as close as possible and to come in the next day to discuss what they found.

So Wednesday rolls around and my dad stopped into Nueville's to see what they came up with(I work 3rd shift so I'm sleeping when they are open). They found two cars. Both in southern Illinois. Neither of them had the ground effects. One of them had white stripes, 20" polished aluminum wheels, car cover, floormatts, and a cargo net. The other had SIM stripes and the premium 21" rim package. Otherwise all my other options matched. They sent the invoices home with my dad so I could make my decision.

I decided to take the one with the SIM stripes. So on Thursday my mom and I went to Nueville's to finalize the deal. They would send their driver with a trailer down to Illinois 500 miles away that night. It would arrive at the dealership sometime on Friday. They would then put the Simonize coating on and prep the car so I could pick it up on Saturday Oh and meanwhile Kocourek is still calling me saying they found a car! But its still the same one. So it took 3 days at Nueville's to get a car where at Kocoureks they dinked around for almost a week and I didn't even have a price. I did take a drive through Kocourek's parking lot the next week nice and slowly with my windows rolled down, every salesman stood up in the dealership including the one I was dealing with. I bet he was kicking himself! lol

So I went to pick up my car on Saturday. I didn't know how to drive a clutch at the time. I tried to find someone who had an old stick shift so I could learn on there and not my brand new camaro but its kinda uncommon by me. So first thing I did was go to an empty parking lot and my mom taught me(my dad was at work). After I conked it out the first time I learned pretty fast. So once I had it down my mom hopped into her 4th gen camaro and I hopped into mine and I drove her home. It was rainy that day so all my first pics of the car are of it wet and slightly dirty. So thats my story of how I got my car! Mods to come in the following days!
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