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Just got back from the NYIAS, and I have to say...I love the 2014 refresh. Before I went to the show, I was a big fan of the front end, ok with the heat extractor, and on the fence with the taillights. I didn't like them at first, but they started to grow on me and decided to hold my final opinion until I saw it in person.

The heat extractor looks smaller in pictures than it actually is. When I first saw the press release images I thought "If they had made it wider, it would look better" but after seeing it in person, it definitely works. As for the tail, this morning before going to the show, I liked the non-RS lights, and was not a huge fan of the LED, RS lights. Now, I really like both. Granted, I like the non-RS more, but the RS lights do look a hell of a lot better in person than they do in photos.

Oh, and I've seen a few people here saying that there's no difference between seeing photos online and seeing things in person. If that's the case:

Congratulations, everyone! You've all been to the Grand Canyon!

I'm not trying to start anything, just making a point that yes, the car does look different in person than in photos. If you don't like the rear end and want to express that opinion, that's your opinion and you have as much right to express it as I do mine I'd just appreciate it if everyone would keep their opinions civilized.

All in all, this is just my $0.02 and probably worth less than that nowadays
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