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Originally Posted by MichiganSRT View Post
Nice. I was the same way picking up my Jeep SRT8 when I was 20 a few years ago, except I got treated like crap the entire time when I went in to talk about a $55k jeep. well finally found mine down in Alabama and talked a shipping price into the price we agreed on and In essence got it shipped all the way up to Michigan at a price 2k lower than they were going for around here. Also had the great opportunity to see the butthole salesman that thought I was lying and just "wasting his time", his exact words, at a stoplight. Rolled the window down, waved and he was so dumbfounded he couldn't even find a word to say, needless to say I never got a call from them again. Awesome to see another young guy with a Camaro, even though I don't wanna know your insurance payments though haha, ironically my jeep is recognized in the same insurance bracket as a V6 laredo , FTWWW . Sub'd for later additions!
I actually took the car when I got it and drove through Kocourek's lot nice and slowly with my windows rolled down. Needless to say every salesman stood up and watched me including the one who dealt with me
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