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Sorry, haven't had much time to reply to my own thread, heh.

Orthojoe, welcome and well said!

Originally Posted by LeanPocket View Post
I think we all assumed that as fact.

I think the issue is this,
its a $60,000 super base camaro.. :/
I think you totally missed my point. So did several others after you.

Originally Posted by molsonbrador View Post
A partridge in a pear tree...really? F'in deal breaker. The stupid scmidt they put in cars today.
I know, right?

I purposely omitted the performance features of this car in my original post because I was making a point about the "stripped" mentality. Regardless of what every other car and its mother has standard these days (I'm not as old as I make myself sound, either) and regardless of what a Z/28 or Z28 should or shouldn't be, look at what this car does have in terms of comfort and convenience. It's simply amazing, and I don't understand how anyone could complain about it. Seriously, go read that list again.

The only omission that could be a real issue for anyone in this market segment is the lack of A/C (I've lived in some hot and humid areas... even a barely used weekend play toy would be nearly undrivable in some conditions). Oh, but you can get that too! If you can afford this car, you can afford to add A/C if you want or need it. If it helps, you can think of it this way... The Z/28 comes with standard A/C but if you don't want it then they'll take a couple $$$thousand (est.) off of the price for you.

Now if you do compare it to other cars then look just a couple few years back... luxury cars that were considered fully loaded didn't have half these features... a lot of these were as expensive or a lot more expensive.

As for taking away the sound insulation... With the way this car is built to be driven, I'd consider that an attribute. It will give a more raw feedback to the driver. My SS is darned quiet, my 2010 V6 was even more so (not counting when the metal went crunch and the airbag exploded from that red-light runner). It wouldn't hurt me at all to lose that silence for my daily driving. But even then, the Z/28 has dual-mode exhaust and therefore that part should be reasonably tame unless you don't want it to be. (Just guesses at this point, as none of us mortals know how it sounds inside yet).

Too rough a ride? Totally subjective. Some people like it rough.
Rougher than any other stock Camaro? Sounds like it. Rough as some of the modded daily driver Camaros around here? Highly doubtful. Oh and FWIW, I don't believe the suspension is user-adjustable, they were just saying that they could tune the suspension 4 ways (high damper-speed compression and rebound and low damper-speed compression and rebound) instead of the usual 2 ways (compression and rebound across the board).

we get into the performance aspects... From the sounds if it, in most cases, no contest. For a factory backed street legal super-high-performace car that will go lap after lap after lap after lap without any degraded performance and without questionable reliability, it will be a bargain compared to just about anything else available, even if it were to come in at $75k (My guess is in the mid-60's). End of story.

As for the "LS7 1LE" Z/28... Aside from the fact that the LS7 would bump the price enough for everyone to still complain, track performance is all about balance. More engine needs more grip, more brakes, more suspension. The 1LE is well balanced with the LS3... with the LS7 you would quickly see reports coming in that on the track it couldn't put the power down and was too tail happy, was having brake fade after a couple hard laps, was overpowering the suspension... (sounds a bit like the complaints of the '13 GT500, except this car wouldn't have the 662 hp to overshadow complaints of the imbalanced performance). Would most people be fine with that on the street? Sure... but the track junkies would be underwhelmed and annoyed that it still wasn't a well engineered track car like a Z/28 should be, and the press would slam it for its lack of balance when you could get the amazing do-it-all ZL1 for slightly more or for a lot less you could get a 1LE and have nearly the performance with much more balance and consistency.

For the record... The Z/28 isn't the car for me and even if it was I couldn't afford it... I just know what it is. And for that, it's perfect.

Anyway, it's nice outside and I've written enough for now...

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