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Originally Posted by Majic View Post here's my question....How many of you were around when the original Z/28 was introduced? It was basically a race car for the T/A series. It certainly waqs no luxo coupe. Except doing a reversal on the engine size...the original 302 was smaller than the 327 in most camaros...the new Z/28 follows the theme of NO FRILLS. I bet you look a long time before you find a stock 1st gen Z with factory air!!!
Well it would take a long, long time to find one as factory air was not an option on '67-'69 Z/28s! Nor was AT tranny or vert (though there was exactly one first gen. vert Z/28 built for Chevy exec Pete Estes). This new Z/28 in my mind is an awesome build that was put together with a purpose in mind. Outside of my budget, but I surely appreciate what it is.
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