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I get the whole Z/28 thing and why they made it. Just surprised somebody would want it with todays tech. Seems like your settling for less, when there are so many other faster track cars that are nicer. I have owned a Z/28 for 42 years and I know its nothing like a new 2014 Z but it still seems like a giant step back wards compared to my ZL1, a 14 500GT, C7 Vette, Ect. Like I said before, It's to bad they don't let us decide how we want it. That way you track guys could have your striped down car and the rest could have it the way they want it.
It seems to me that the main reason this car happened is because they had left over parts from the Z06 and ZR1, put them in a Camaro and it wasn't fast enough so they started taking things out and called it a track car.
By the way, the main reason the early Z's and other high performance cars were not offered with A/C as an option was because they turned to high an RPM for the A/C cpmp., not because Roger Penski didn't want it in his race car. Guess what, with todays tech. you can have both and every thing else you want.
Again I just think it's to bad they didn't take the 1LE, put an LS7 in it and let people delete what they didn't want, and add the better brakes, wheels and tires.
I'm guessing the Gen 6 Z28 will be powerful enough and light enough that they will get it right next time, just like they did with the ZR1.
I love my ZL1 but having a 71 Z/28 since it was new I would have liked to have gotten a new Z also and I would have still kept the ZL1.
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