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Took mine in for same vibration, every gear around 1800 rpm, got worse over last few months. Funny that one and another vibration started right after the dealer 'fixed' a water leak that flooded my rear passenger side foot compartment during rain. (rewelded some poor welds in the cowl area...great...) Second vibration is area top of windshield passenger side. They also left me with a floppy rear view mirror. So dealer can't hear ANY of the vibrations (didn't even fix the mirror till I told them that was also an issue). Kept my car 4 days, all they did was tighten the mirror and said it's fixed! Why do they treat us like MORONS!!! Picked it up yesterday, all noises still there. Anyone inside or outside the car can hear the muffler one, just the dealer can't. Used to LOVE my car, not so much now. I've owned Gen I, II, III & 5. Was def. gonna get new gen Camaro or Vette as they arrived...NOT NOW! I'll go back to the Japanese and get bored staying away from service departments that break more than they fix. GM STILL doesn't get it...make a quality product and stand behind it! Make it right if it's wrong!

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