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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Vibration Troubleshooting

So looks my 10 rib pulley kit is causing me some problems...primarily because I didn't have the right tools for the job (I'm buying a press this week). I previously mentioned i broke my water pump putting on the new pulley, now i found one of my vibrations was my alternator (another victom of using a hammer - yes i feel stupid now).

Should have new alternator early this week and with help of a torch and press, hopefully i won't break this one.

Once i get it all back together and tuned, I may try to go back to the Pfadt motor mounts.

Good news is my clutch is broke in, so once i'm up and running, change my pulley to 3.5", tune and I should be good to go. Unless i had more than 1 vibration...

Next step will be building my race tune w/ 3" pulley on shell URT 110 race fuel.

Hope to have some sound/video soon.
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