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Originally Posted by doc7000
There is grumblings that Dodge had really good incentives last month, which would explain the big jump in sales.
It wasn't just for last month this has been going on for almost half a year. Ally had $2000 cash allowance when I bought my Yellow Jacket back in Sep. The person who said that Challengers are heavily discounted is speaking the truth. Dealers rarely have Challengers in stock as is, and the ones on the lots are getting in the range of $7,000 - $11,000 off sticker with those incentives.

Originally Posted by Lee123
Interesting data. Thanks for posting. Just curious, did Dodge make some changes to cause the huge jump from last year?
Nope, for the most part the Challenger has been unchanged since it came out in 2008. Minor upgrades in 2011 with the 392 and some minute interior and exterior changes. But for the most part it looks the exact same. 2015 MY will bring a refresh of the front and rear fascia and a complete overhaul of the interior.
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