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Originally Posted by Blackbird
Here's something for thought. Lately, GM has been incredibly protective of new vehicle launches, release dates, leaked pictures of future cars, etc. The Tahoe was supposed to come out in September or so of this year, but GM suddenly bumped up the release date to late winter/early spring of this year. They kept us on our toes waiting for them to finally officially announce the release of Camaro. So they know just how bad America wants this car. And I'm gonna say that they will use that anticipation to fuel sales of this car. It's very possible that GM will pull a "Tahoe" and release this thing in early '08 or so because they see some serious profit potential, and it only makes sense to release it as soon as possible. Everyone has seen how successful the new Tahoe is. Why can't they do the same for the Camaro? Any thoughts?

...Friggin' incredible car, by the way.

At my former employer we would leak false information out about certain vehicles to fool are competition. Then once the vehicle was launched we would stand back and laugh when we out performed them...

I am telling you we are going to see the Camaro before 09
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