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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
But the difference here is that in GT500 vs ZL1, the Ford had the 80 hp advantage and the 300 lb weight advantage giving it a substantial edge in a straight line. But vs the Z/28, the 80 extra hp has to move 300 lbs more car, reducing the impact of its power advantage (rather than enhancing it).
Sure, the ZL1 will still pull harder, but its not going to be as substantial a difference as it is between the GT500 and the ZL1.

Yes, but you said it, a car (ford) 300 lbs lighter, and 80 more HP had it's hands full with the ZL1 ..... now the Z28 like the ford is about 300 lbs lighter, but is lacking that 80 hp advantage the ford has.....

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