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Originally Posted by fastlane2010 View Post
dude you are insane what would you do if the first time you take it out you have a jackass run a red light and t-bone you i think i would go o jail because i would kill him lol nah but for real this is amazing
LOL, I don't even want to think about it.

Originally Posted by Jayrcr3 View Post
That diff is a work of art!

Unbelievable job.

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Originally Posted by MANNYS2SS/RS View Post
Nathan you have some MAD TALENT. Your whole build, is a work of art, congrats.
Originally Posted by snickerdoodle View Post
It's truly a shame that much of this work won't be seen as the car drives past :((((
Originally Posted by christianmotox View Post
Looking at the pieces you are creating, it reminds me of Pagani and his attention to detail. I have nothing technical to add to you're thread but
Thanks guys!

Paganis are one of my favorite cars. Those are truly a work of engineering ART!

Originally Posted by hcoll003 View Post
I'm wondering, with all that excess casting/material that Nathan has sanded off from each individual piece, would this actually translate to several pounds of weight loss???
Originally Posted by Doc View Post
lol more than several, more like several hundred when taken in total with everything else he's doing. When he's done this car is going to be under 3,500 lbs; maybe even under 3,400.
That's the goal, 3,400 as it's going to be basically set up as a track car, ie, no AC, radio/speakers, rear seat, etc...

Here is a pic of the HH back from getting blasted. The only insignia I left was the Hammerhead logo.

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Tomorrow it will go to get Ultrasonically cleaned. This is the same process used to clean surgical equipment. It took me a long time to find a shop with one as it's a really expensive piece of equipment, in most case $15,000 on up. Next it will go to the powder coater. The reason I'm not doing not powder coating first is because the ultrasonic dunk will hurt the finish. The goal for the cleaning it to make sure it's there aren't any metal shaving. Below id a picture of my block which I had cleaned as well.

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A bunch of updates to come as I'm a lot further a heads than the updates. It just takes a lot of time to organize, sort and post and time is something I have little of right now.

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