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Z/28 and zl1

Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
I doubt that there will be many ZL1 owners who will trade their ZL1 for a new Z/28, but I think that there will be some who will add a new Z/28 to their stable.

I see the new Z/28 and ZL1 as two vehicles with different purposes. It's clear to me that the Z/28 is designed with one main focus and that is to be a track oriented car, and it has equipment that is appropriate for track focused use (CC brakes, high revving N/A engine, reduced weight, etc.) which also dictates the associated compromises that make it less suitable for everyday street use (no stereo, no magnetic ride, lack of sound deadening material, no trunk carpeting, no jack, etc.), and it is not recommended for drag racing (the new Z/28 doesn’t have the strengthened differential and half shafts of the ZL1). The ZL1, on the other hand, is designed to be an all around high performance vehicle which will perform well at the track and as a comfortable everyday driver right off of the showroom floor, and it can be relatively easily modified to add horsepower to perform very well at the drag strip.

It seems to me that the ZL1 and the Z/28 each have their place in the Camaro lineup, and there is not much reason based on their intended applications to make an either or choice between the two.
I belive this is one of the best comparison comments I've read on the forum . Didn't discredit either car . Much respect to both vehicles
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